The best 2 methods of teaching about animals to children

Children are a joy to teach; especially the younger minds that are so eager to learn. Like many other children across the globe, if your little one is also beginning to talk and “pick up” certain words and phrases, then we’re sure you feel it’s time to begin their education. After all, it is the age where (most) children absorb knowledge like a sponge—which means you have to be extra careful about what they see and hear.

Enrolling them to play school is definitely an option; as most playschools enroll children as young as 2 years old now a-days. But if you feel that your child is yet too small to stay away from you, even for those few hours of “school”, then we are not going to argue with you; after all, the parents know their child best!

If you are looking for ways to teach your child about the animals we share our world with, then here are a few of our suggestions on doing it, the fun way!

Knowledge through games and fun

If your child is very young, then it’s possible that they may not understand the concept of learning and teaching. This will obviously be a problem if you try to get them seated in one place to teach them the animals. Instead, try learning in the fun way. Flash cards are a tried and successful method when it comes to teaching, and when you add technology to it, you get games and apps that work quite well as flash cards. Whether you install these games to your laptop, your iPad of your mobile phone is up to you. But if you’re reluctant to introduce your child to technology a little too early, then remember that the old fashioned flash cards and “sound toys” (with animal sounds) still work quite well.

A field trip to visit the animals

If you think your child is fascinated by animals after they watched animal plant, then you’ll be blown away by their response to animals after their first field trip. This could be either to the zoo, or even to a local farm to learn about farm animals. It’s true, most zoo animals are not taken good care of, and you might feel reluctant to expose your children to such environments; but we think this depends on the zoo you select. Take a quick visit to the zoo by yourself before you take you impressionable child, and see for yourself if it’s “safe” for your child’s young mind. Though less dramatic, you could do the same with the farms; just to be safe!

Though the above two methods are the best in our opinion, we do admit that even doing “animal crafts” (coloring, origami etc.) are also a good method to introduce your child to the world of animals…

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