How to plan your home garden?

Not every home might have the infrastructure for an elaborate garden to be made. However, even if you have a little amount of space, paved or unpaved in front or back of your home, this can be used to create a small garden for your home. You can avoid getting into elaborate construction requirements and simply look at soft elements that can help create a natural haven around your home.

How to start?

The easy way to plan a home garden is to look at developing flower beds or potted plants that can be kept in your home. You can look at perennial flowers or plants as well as annual flowering plants to add to your garden space. Even soft landscaping north shore would involve certain efforts that would take time to show results and would be long lasting. You might plan to plant trees and conifers around your home perimeter. These will take several years and even decades to grow to mature heights. Shrub like growth takes less time and can create a natural privacy wall. You can think up the landscape design in your mind before you begin your gardening tasks.

Flowering plant options

When it comes to choosing soft elements for your home landscaping, you can look at adding flowers that change every season. Hence, you can have yellow and purple dahlias in one season and replace the same with garden verbenas in shades of blue, white and red, as per their flowering season. This helps change the look and feel for your home and does not require elaborate arrangements in your garden. You might have soil where you plant the seeds or saplings. In case you have a paved backyard or front yard, you can look at decorating the same with potted plants of different flora species.

Use of container boxes or baskets

There is another element of soft landscaping that you could explore for your garden. For instance, hanging baskets look decorative and quaint when you have tall posts or structures to support them. Hanging baskets can support geraniums that grow easily. You could also have ornamental trees in containers and these can frame your entryways or patio area.

Vines and creepers

The other options comprise of having vines to grow along walls or other supporting structures. You could also have creepers trailing on the floor or on a higher post. For those who are enthusiastic about vegetable gardening, they can segregate a plot of land where different vegetable plants can be grown. These are simple yet effective ways to create a home garden.


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